We are opium addict nation. We are given the opium dose of employment, good education, health and medical facilities, deflation, security and peace, development and prosperity and a feeling of being proud Pakistani. This dose is given to Pakistanis for every five years by their doctors (politicians). Pakistani nation remains under the strong impression of being provided all these promised things, which in reality, is an illusion and hallucination of their minds becuase of the strong effects of opium dose. When after five years the effect of opium lightens, Pakistanis realize that they have been hoodwinked by the doctors who are pocketing just their money rather than curing their illness. At last Pakistani nation starts searching for other doctors
(politicians )expecting them to cure their ailments. The new doctors give them another dose of opium for five years they remain intoxicated for another five years with the same illusion and hallucinations.
We are a nation laying in dormant slumber.


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