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US unilateral withdrawl from JCPOA and its aftermath

US President Donald Trump has announced that the United States is effectively withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, defying last-ditch diplomatic efforts by his European allies to convince him otherwise. The conservatists in the united states welcomed this move by calling this deal a weaker one. however the unilateral withdrawl of US from JCPOA has altered the political landscape of world politics more specifically of the Europe. The one question which is ganging around the whole scene is that whether Europe allies will ignore Trump's move by extending support to Iran or will they join America being superior in the world by ignoring Iran. Trump has directed almost all the allies to join either USA in the the combat or to face finanical blockade from America. France, Germany and Britian have tried their level best to keep America alive and save the deal in order to promote their own interest in Irana as they have signed billion dollars projects in Iran. However Trump is not in th…